About Bob Neaderthal

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30 years in private practice.

7 years as a Medical Director at a prior authorization company.

40 years married (so far).

Bob Neaderthal graduated from Georgetown University Medical School in 1973, after which he completed post-doctorate training in Internal Medicine at University of Massachusetts and University of Michigan Medical Centers.

After practicing one year in Worcester MA (and surviving the blizzard of ’78) he and his wife Julie moved back home to Nashville TN. He opened his solo practice in primary care, and continued the practice for 30 years until he retired in 2008. While practicing medicine, he earned an MBA in 2002 at Belmont University, Nashville TN.

From 2008 until 2017 he served as medical director for a radiology benefits management company. (RBM), those organizations that perform prior authorization. 

While reviewing requests for imaging and performing peer-to-peer calls, he began giving talks and lectures to physicians to help them navigate the prior authorization process and thus avoid p2p talks.  He retired as medical director in May, 2017.  Dr. Neaderthal is passionate about teaching and sharing his unique knowledge of the prior authorization process and wants to bring this valuable message to practicing doctors.

Dr. Neaderthal has two grown and married daughters, Leah and Ariel, who live in Washington DC and two granddaughters, Edith Ann and Louisa Josephine. He enjoys sailing, hiking, travel, and woodworking.